Nov 30

Natural and Elegant Makeup Tutorial

Here is a fine trick to an elegant evening, not to go unnoticed in style.

Often there are nights where the look is very important, and clothing to wear, and definitely requires attention on these occasions the trick is not to be underestimated. If for clothing the sophisticated elegance of Victoria Beckham is always a model, the trick here is an elegant proposal that goes with any kind of outfit, with neutral tones, focusing all the attention on the lips.

To start idratiamo skin thoroughly and spread a foundation suits our skin type, then correct defects and dark circles with concealers, then secure with the powder.

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Nov 29

What to Look for When Buying a Dress Shirt

At first glance, buying a dress shirt seems to be a simple matter. Measure from the collar size and embark in a fashion store to choose a beautiful model. But that’s not the case. There are so many different types of shirts to buy. This can make it difficult to find the model that best suits your individual body type or occasion.

For example, are not suitable all the shirts to wear as casual wear. Or just like clothes for business meetings. In this blog article you will learn what to look for when selecting your dress shirt.

For which occasion you need the shirt?
The very first question you should ask yourself is for which event you are looking for a dress shirt. To wear in combination with a suit or a casual shirt for an informal meeting or even the free time?

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Nov 28

Tod’s Sella Handbags

Take the quality and craftsmanship of Tod’s and pass under the lens of a contemporary artist as photographer David LaChapelle. The result? The new bag Sella. For the first time interpreted in a surreal, colorful and innovative.

A pop touch, in fact. Combined with a good dose of dreamlike. But Pop Touch is not just a makeover given to a great artist is also a new way of conceiving the object of fashion.

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Nov 27

Thickest Cotton T Shirt

You know the pleasure of putting on a good thick cotton T-shirt.

By wearing it, you feel the nobility of the material and labor required to manufacture such a T-shirt.


It is a product that has a soul.

The problem is that a thick T-shirt and quality, today it is almost impossible. Like you, I missed it … I had the nostalgia of these vintage T-shirts. And that’s what inspired me to create GoudronBlanc.

Find out why thick T-shirts are worth . (I will also tell you where you can find.)

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Nov 26

Baby Toy Safety Tips

Toys for baby: good reflexes to buy without risk

Each year burst “mini-scandales” about the safety of toys.Discovery of harmful particles in the carpet of awakening, dangerous detachable parts… How to buy without risk? We help you to adopt good habits.

Grandma took out the old cars that dad used small. Although it welcomes to transmit his treasures to his offspring, is perhaps not a good idea! In thirty years, science has evolved, standards have changed and improved the safety of the toys. It is important to select those that you buy and learn to wear her choice on the safest items.

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Nov 25

Choosing the Right Earrings

And yes … bad … But all the earrings do not go any faces. Here we give you some useful tips to make the right choice and choose the right look for your body type.


Bases Rules

The earrings, jewelry essential to illuminate the face and distract the little things. But to do this, we must remember that the form of earrings must balance the shape of your face and not the breed!

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Nov 24

Cabinets for Home

The cabinet is a very traditional furniture, that modern design has reinvented. It lies halfway between a belief and a showcase, because it has a wooden frame and glass doors, for the exhibition of the most valuable pieces of their collections: ceramics, glass, furniture and various accessories.

In classic house its typical location is the kitchen, to put on display their most valuable service.

In the modern home, it can be placed both in the kitchen, in the hall, in the living room, in the bedroom and in the bathroom as well, depending on the elements to which the landlord will highlight. Think of the coffee cups, the cups for guests and various dishes, to fix and keep on hand in the kitchen; the vases and many other knickknacks, to beautify the entrance; the most valuable pieces of his personal collection (porcelain, various models, wooden buildings …), to embellish the living-dining room; to photos, souvenirs of our travels to fix and preserve in the bedroom; the bath salts and other valuable products for our well-being, to be included in the bathroom.

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Nov 23

How to Choose the Right Fishing Float

Some simple criteria used to select from hundreds of designs …

The float is one of the main elements of the line and its many functions. The first is to inform us the key. Thanks to its sensitivity, it should reflect any attack of a fish.
The float must also support leaded and evolve the bait to the desired height. It must allow a perfect driving line and ensure good stability whether high winds or currents even stronger. Finally, it must oppose a minimum dent resistance, ie, when the fish grabs the bait.
Depending on the water, the wind, distance and depth of fishing, the fish sought the bait used … the ideal float model is different.

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Nov 22

Cycling BMC Racing Team

BMC Racing Team is a cycling team from the United States. It is sponsored by BMC Switzerland. Since 2007 the team has been active in races of the UCI. The biggest success so far in the team’s win in the 2011 Tour de France by Cadel Evans. Known drivers of the team in 2015, Philippe Gilbert, Cadel Evans, Greg van Avermaet, Tejay van Garderen and Peter Velits.

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Nov 21

Nail Art with Butterflies


The nail art is the art of painting the nails, and even if you think it’s a fad born in recent years actually has ancient origins, almost prehistoric. The birth of the nail art is in fact attributed to the Bronze Age, when it was used the powder of dried leaves to make the henna painting. Today, this art is viewed very differently thanks to all the material and the tools we have available. This guide will explain how to decorate your nails with beautiful and colorful butterflies, a pet symbol of freedom and femininity, let us see how: Read the rest of this entry »

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