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Tax Free Shopping Destinations and How to Get There

Shopping, like traveling, is a hobby and fun for many people. Everyone who has already made an intercontinental and non-European trip knows that the different airports in this world allow you to buy with little money without taxes (tax free). You can save a few Euros here and there.

However, you must consider that there are limits to the amount of tax exemption. Apart from that, it is possible for travelers to buy without paying fees, depending on the destination, and let the improvement fee be returned. You can do this mainly at airports.

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Shop a ReviewFormalities vary widely by country. If you want to get the improvement fee back after staying in a country, you must already know before arrival what rules should be followed at the location.

In Argentina, for example, you need to ask for an account with the name of the paying person to receive the return fee later. Another tax-free purchase option can be tried by travelers in several countries who do not have or have very low rates on products sold.

We would like to show you some international destinations and cities that you cannot miss as a shopping fan.

Tax-free European destinations: In Germany, Heligoland has a special position on fees. Cigarettes, alcohol, jewelry, luxury items and perfumes are much cheaper on the island than in the country.
Italy has three tax-free shopping oases. You can find countless shops in Livigno, a valley within the Lombardei mountains which is located west of St. Moritz (Saint Maurice), Switzerland. The mountain village is known as the largest outdoor mall. And this is no exaggeration: There are just over 6000 inhabitants in this city and the more than 250 stores offer (in addition to the classic tax-free cigarettes, alcohol and perfumes), fashion items, sporting goods, jewelry and luxury items.

Tax-free areas further afield are the Faroe Islands, Greenland, the French overseas territories of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Tahiti and Bora Bora, Wallis and Futuna between Fiji and Samoa in the southern Pacific and southern French and Arctic territories.

Dubai is always mentioned when it comes to tax-free shopping. But it must be said that the Emirate requires fees on imported products and consumer goods. However, many luxury goods are much cheaper than in other countries in the desert state. The large Duty Free Shop at Dubai International Airport offers many inexpensive products.

The largest temple of duty-free shopping in the world is on the Chinese island of Hainan. The trip would be made not only by the more than 300 stores and boutiques, but also by a visit to the unique shopping center of this beautiful island. All purchases made here are transported directly to the Airport, so you don't have to worry about carrying too many shopping bags.

Tax-free shopping in Philadelphia: The state of Pennsylvania does not charge clothes and shoes, making it the perfect trip for all fashionistas. You can find brands like Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany and many others at the Rittenhouse Row shopping center. Jeweler's Row is essential for all jewelry lovers. More than 300 different stores offer their products here.


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