Sep 15

What does 4G Mean on a Phone

What is 4G in the phones?

Nowadays with all the technology that gallops relentlessly towards the discovery of faster systems for mass communication is always better to stay updated on developments. What is 4G in the phones? I will explain in a simple way, explaining the complicated terms and abbreviations used, what is this new communication network.

First initialing 4G comes from the acronym Fourth (4) Generation (4G) and signifies the fourth generation mobile broadband technology development. From 2010 the term 4G is also used for the latest generations, always in the electronic field, LTE (ending theme Long Term Evolution and indicates the latest evolution in the field of telecommunications for cellular telephony).

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Sep 14

Bopp Cool Water Bottles

The Bopp cool water bottle with integrated cooling bar is ideal for cold drinks on the go. Furthermore, it has everything you can wish from a water bottle. Stylish, easy, stable and completely BPA free. In this post, you learn all important details about the winners of the “reddot design award” in 2012.

The Bopp cool water bottle offers ideas that are unparalleled. It is the bottle that is not only extraordinarily innovative, but also high-quality processed and fully thought through.

Executive summary

  • contains cooling element without chemicals
  • extraordinary design
  • 700 ml volume
  • BPA free

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Sep 13

What is LED Lighting Technology?

You should not stop cycling to work or make use of nature just because we are moving towards darker times. The environment around around you still have quantities to offer in the dusk, but it is important that you are prepared in the dark so you are safe and secure, whether out staying in town or out in the woods and fields.

Many people choose to invest in a headlamp, a real toppenidé!
-However, it is a jungle out there with all the different concepts in terms of how much headlamps illuminate. Here is a little guide to explain to you what LED technology and lumens actually is.

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Sep 12

Monkey Light Pro Bike LED

We talked Monkey Lights there some time, lights that you can set your wheels in order to have more visibility. With this lighting art you do not pass unnoticed, eyes will be on you, and you will fail the game looks surprised and amused passersby. In this article you will not find the features of the product, for this you can click here. You will rather see the latest videos grew, often performed quite well these fabulous products.

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Sep 11

Pocket Pen Style Fishing Rod

In today’s test, there is the mini-Angelrunte Pocket Pen – Fishing Rod, which I had ordered me on an Online handle. Actually, I stumbled directly in Internet shopping and could say simply no, even though I had previously been a little concern. Among other things, there is a video to test the fishing rod a detailed description and some pictures. The fishing rod is made like a pen and was delivered with reel and cord. Overall, the set of mini Angel took me just under 10.-€.

Mini Pocket pen Rod test

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Sep 10

Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Here you see my sleeping equipment in Sarek. On winter trips you need a sleep system with very good insulation properties as possible, but at the same time it must not take too much space in your pack. This combination worked very well for me. I managed to reduce both pack weight properly, without the reduced sleeping comfort.The picture shows the following:

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Sep 09

RPM 59 Tracklist

The tracklist of 59 RPM, indoor cycling workout to music, similar to spinning. Every three months, the New Zealand educational Les Mills International gives a new CD, not only RPM but also for Body Pump, Body Jam and SH’BAM. RPM stands for Raw Power in Motion. The setlist has a balanced structure consisting of heating, a climbing session recovery, interval training, a ride uphill return journey and finally be restored through the stretch. A music mix, where athletes from all over the world on spiders, including tunes from DJ Tiesto, Christina Aguilera, Swedish House Mafia and Usher.

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Sep 08

How to Tie a Belt

Today in vogue natural texture strips. Select suede, leather or textiles, matte colors. Lacquered ropes occur less frequently, can not be said for products animalistic prints with decorative items such as rivets, rhinestones and buckles.

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Sep 07

A Woman Wearing a Man’s Shirt

As a Woman Wearing a man’s shirt?

Not dispute the fact that every woman is constantly trying to update its image to make it something special. However, as strange as it sounds, men’s shirt in the wardrobe of women has long been considered feminine and delicate. The main thing is do not take it from his brother, the pope, boyfriend or husband, and buy your own. For the first time take a very simple, classic style with long sleeves, for example, white. Now try to create a few pictures of her:

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Sep 06

Packing List for Cycling Trip

Who is taking a multi-day bike tour, should make sure what he takes. Often, guests ask us for a packing list for cycling. With this blog post, we would answer this question in detail.

Because every bike ride takes place under different conditions, changes the luggage and also the equipment, you should take with you, actually again. The Professional is therefore listed what things have proven themselves on the road already and what can stay at home in the future. You can feel every gram too much on each wheel travel, luggage should be optimally selected and invested in a light equipment. So you could ride comfortably with two bags in the holiday. Learn what you should necessarily take on multi-day tours. Read the rest of this entry »

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